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HX = Pepper Heat Scale #1-10 (e.g. Bell Pepper = HX0, Jalepeno = HX5, Jolokia H=10+)

#2001 AJI AMARILLO (C.baccatum) Interesting looking pepper. Orange when mature, fruits range from 2-4" in length. Very convulated peppers, makes quite a unique 4' plant.HX=6

#2002 AJI BONITO (C.baccatum) From Bolivia. Robust plant. HX=7

#2003 AJI CITO (C.baccatum) Another nice producer from South America.HX=7

#2004 AJI DULCE (C.annum) A milder Bolivian pepper.HX=3

#2006 ANAHEIM CHILI (C.annum) Known as the "new Mexican Chile". Moderately pungent, dark green, turning red at maturity. Excellent for canning, freezing or drying.HX=6

#2007 ANCHO (C.annum) Mildly hot heart- shaped peppers. Mature to dark, rust red, richly flavored. Are often dried and ground into chili powder. Great for making wreaths.HX=4

#2010 BISHOP'S CROWN (C.baccutum) From Barbados, this large plant produces three-sided peppers which resemble a Bishop's Crown. Sometimes called "Christmas Bell".HX=6

#2189 CALYPSO RED (C.annum) Excellent pepper to grow in medium sized pot. Light green,turning to red at maturity. Produces abundantly.HX=7

#2016 CAYENNE Medium length slim peppers. Can be dried and ground into chile powder HX=7

#2101 CHAYUSA RUSO (C.annum) Brazilian pepper. Pods turn from light yellow to orange-red. Loaded. HX=7

#2024 CHILTEPIN (C.annum) The wild variety which is found in the South West.HX=9

#2027 CONGO RED (C.chinense) A member of the Habanero family. Produces heavily.HX=10

#2030 DATIL (C.chinense) Light green turning to golden yellow. Distinctive taste - very hot. Famous in St. Augustine. HX=7

#2186 DATIL - RED (C.chinense) Similar to the yellow Datil, but turns red when mature. Sometimes called "Sweet Datil". Has less heat but same distinctive flavor HX=5

#2037 HABANERO (C.chinense) The fruits of these plants are lantern shaped and yellow-orange in color. The plants will provide an abundance of peppers. HX=10

#2038 HABANERO - CARIBBEAN RED (C.chinense) This wrinkled, red Chinese lantern-shaped pepper is a version of the Habanero with exceptional hotness between 350,000 and 400,000 Scoville Units! HX=10+

#2039 HABANERO RED (C.chinense) Bright red version of the Habanero is one of the hottest available, only preceded by the Caribbean Red. Grow abundantly on tall plants. HX=10+

#2173 CHOCOLATE HABANERO (C.chinense) Turns from green to a rich chocolate color. Has the same heat as other Habaneros.Great producer. HX=10+

#2046 HOT BANANA (C.annum) Banana- shaped pepper - medium hot. Great for pickling. HX=4

#2047 HUNGARIAN HOT WAX (C.annum) Medium hot peppers which can be used in salsa or great for pickling. Light green turning to yellow-red. HX=4

#2054 JALEPENO (C.annum) Dark green 3" peppers. Great in Mexican dishes. Use green or red.HX=5

#2178 JAMAICAN GOLD (C.chinense) Abundant producer of gold colored round, slightly flattened fruit. Habanero family so you know they are hot!HX=8

#2166 JAMAICAN HOT - RED (C.chinense) RED Habanero type. Tall plant producing many wrinkled peppers which go from green to a bright red.HX=8

#2055Y JAMAICAN SCOTCH BONNET (C.chinense) YELLOW - Oblong shaped member of the Habanero family. HX=9

#2174 JOLOKIA - BHUT JOLOKIA(C.Chinense) Green turning to red at maturity. Also known as "Ghost Pepper" - India. HX=10+

#2175 JOLOKIA - NAGA MORICH(C.Chinense) Plants are slightly smaller, and peppers are not quite as large as the Bhut but have the same extreme heat. HX=10+

#2167 LEMON DROP (C.baccatum) A very hot, citrus flavored pepper from Peru. Heavy producer of lemon yellow pods. HX=9

#2158 LIMO (C.chininse) Yellow squash shaped peppers from Peru. Compact plant does well in containers. HX=7

#2188 NAGA VIPER (C.chinense) Very HOT pepper...looks similar to the Jolokias, but has much more heat. Be careful with this one!! HX=10++

#2063 NU MEX BIG JIM (C.annum) Largest of the New Mexican varieties - up to 12" long.HX=5

#2066 PAPRIKA (C.annum) A mild pepper which can be used green or red.HX=3

NOTE Some selections are not available here due to limited quantities, but are offered at our EBAY Store.

items on eBay

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